Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning Sadie was ready to head outside right away. Zoie gathered up all her toys and lined up at the back door with Cole. I told her she had to wait for Sadie to come in. Zoie took her turn out front and I got breakfast ready. Cole and Sadie ate right away. Sadie went back out while I visited with Zoie and she had her breakfast too. She brought me some toys to play once she finished. This afternoon it had warmed up slightly but was still windy and cool. Sadie was loving it out there! She was busy running around and exploring. Zoie and Cole did their business and were soon wanting to come in and warm up. We hung out in the kitchen until Sadie came in. This evening Sadie was bouncing along to the door. She went out and Zoie helped me in the kitchen after Cole did his business. The pups all ate well for me. After dinner, Cole wanted to hop up on the bed. I let him nap up there until bedtime.

Bella & Chico

This morning the pups raced outside to do their business. Bella came in to wish me a good morning and to get a few pets. She ran back out to go explore a bit. Chico came in pretty quick and snacked on some food. It was too chilly out for him this morning and he went and snuggled back up in his bed. This afternoon it had warmed up just a little. It was enough that both pups had fun wandering around out back. Chico was busy patrolling the yard as usual. They took turns to come in and get some lunch. This evening, the pups spent some more time out back. They came in now and again to nibble on food. Bella came to visit me some as well. When it was time, I tucked them in for the night with their snacks.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Stuffy was sitting at the top of the stairs when I came in. Oreo was lounging on his chair by the back door. He stretched his paws out, then came to help in the kitchen. Stuffy appeared in his usual spot to wait for his food. The boys ate, then I went to visit them in the living room. Oreo was loving on his kitty pillow. I brushed Stuffy until he wandered off. Oreo happily came and took his spot. Stuffy eventually returned for a little more attention. This evening, both boys were hanging out by the back door. Oreo was on his chair and Stuffy was sitting just below it. They go their dinners and worked on them while I took care of my things. Oreo was already sitting and waiting for me in the living room. I turned on the fireplace for them tonight. Stuffy came in later and got all cozy up by the fire. He later hopped up onto the ottoman to take a snooze.