Saturday, June 3, 2017


This morning Shadow was napping on the top of his kitty tower when I walked in. As soon as he heard me, he quickly popped up and came down to see me. He helped me in the pantry to pick out a new can of food for him. I got him started and went to go scoop his box. When I returned, he came and sat with me. Shadow was intent on nibbling on me this morning, but luckily I was wearing jeans! Haha. After he went and snacked some more, he was ready for some playtime. He wrestled around with his long kitty toy and got all spunky and zoomed around the house. He cracks me up! This evening, Shadow was prepared and was right at the door waiting for me. Shadow walked circles around my legs while he waited for me to chop up his food. I delivered that to him and went to do my other things. He was still eating when I returned. Shadow came over to sniff at me a bit. He walked over to check himself out in the glass of the fireplace. Then, he went back to eat some more. Later on, he chased his kitty toy a bit, until he got bored and went up to the top of his tower to take a bath.

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