Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bella & Chico

This morning it was very nice out. I came in and let the pups out back. We all sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather before the rain was supposed to come. Bella sat with me for attention while Chico was off exploring. When it was time, we headed inside and they got their snacks. This afternoon it still hadn't rained yet and was sunny and quite humid out. That didn't bother the pups! They were just happy to be out and to play. It wasn't long before both of them were on laying on the patio, relaxing and soaking up some sunshine. This evening it had rained heavily for a little bit before I arrived. By the time I got there, the rain had come and gone and the sky was light again. We all went out to enjoy the now cool weather. Both pups took turns eating some dinner. Bella came over and got plenty of pets. She was being quite silly tonight! Chico kept patrol and would investigate any sounds he heard.

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