Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This afternoon I came in and Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room. I let Sadie out front and took Cole out back for their potty breaks. We came in and I read mom's notes quick. Zoie took her turn outside next and I went to visit with Sadie and Cole. Sadie was busy trying to sneak her kisses. Cole wanted up on the bed, so I lifted him up there. This evening I came in and the pups greeted me again. Zeus was meowing at me too. The pups each went out for their potty breaks, then they came in for dinner. I sat with Zoie so she would eat for me. After dinner, the girls took turns and each spent some time out back. Zoie and I played some tug with her weeny dog toy! That was hilarious haha. When she was out for her turn, I hung out with the other two. Sadie snuck her kisses and I let her since it was our last visit. She got some kisses too. It was a sad night for me... I'm so gonna miss these guys!!

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