Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and found Oreo lounging on the chair by the back door again. He got up and followed me to the kitchen to help me get some breakfast. Stuffy was now waiting by the back door to see if his friends were out there. I delivered his food and went out to fill their bowl quick too. After the boys ate, we headed to the living room. Stuffy snuggled up near me and enjoyed some brush time. He'd itch his chin on it if I held it just right for him. Oreo sat with me for a few pets, then moved off to the other side of the room. This evening I came in and started to get dinner ready. Oreo came in and rubbed his face on the back of my leg while he waited. I had to go look for Stuffy. He was hanging out upstairs. I brought his food with me and he ate well up there. I went back down to see Oreo, who was waiting patiently for me at our spot. Tonight he was the snuggle bug. Stuffy didn't come down to see me. Oreo laid by me and purred away for his pets.

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