Sunday, June 4, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was at the door to greet me. Stuffy was sitting by his chairs by the back door, ready to watch for his friend. I started getting their food ready and brought it over to them. I went out to feed Charlie and he appeared just as I came out. He was ready for some pets! I watched as Stuffy cleaned off his plate before I headed inside. Stuffy stayed to watch his buddy for awhile. Oreo came and sat with me to get his chin rubs. He enjoyed his brushes too until Stuffy joined us. Both boys lounged and enjoyed their attention. This evening Oreo was already waiting for me in the kitchen. Stuffy appeared shortly after and came right up by Oreo. I guess he was a hungry boy! Stuffy scarfed down his plate and Oreo did too! They met me in our spot. Stuffy sat and got brushed and Oreo rubbed his face in my hand. Soon, Stuffy was laying on his side and taking a snooze. Oreo took a break to eat some more, then came back for more snuggle time. They will definitely be loving up on mom and dad when they get home!

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